Wrinkle rejuvenation treatments are a safe and simple procedure used to lessen or eliminate the expressive muscles that contract just below the skin.

Using a very fine needle, a natural purified protein is injected in small doses into the underlying skin to block the nerve pulses that trigger the muscle contractions and cause the advancement of dynamic facial wrinkles including periorbital lines (crow’s feet), glabellar lines (frown) and forehead lines.

By the same measure, the wrinkle-relaxing injections can be used to stop the downward pull of the muscles around the mouth, smooth the cobblestone appearance of the chin and smoker’s lines and create an asymmetric eyebrow lift, with the end result revealing a more relaxed and youthful appearance.

Patients will begin to enjoy the benefits within four-five days of the treatment, with the full effect reaching its peak within one month and lasting up to three-four months, depending on the patient’s age and condition of the skin.

Each subsequent treatment and the strategic placement of the needle will also prevent the impression of new lines forming.



Following the consultation, several wrinkle-relaxing injections will be administered with the treatment taking approximately 20-30 minutes.

It is advised that patients should avoid wearing makeup after the treatment and avoid applying pressure to their face for up to four-six hours.

Depending on the patient’s age and the existing skin composition, the wrinkle reduction procedure will take effect between three – 10 days and last up to three to four months with the treatment reaching its peak within one month.


The wrinkle reduction treatment can be administered in conjunction with dermal fillers.

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