The Sanctuary at Neutral Bay is now offering  Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) with the Eclipse Micropen, the next-generation of micro-needling. The pen’s 12 tiny micro-needles are designed to cause temporary micro-trauma to the skin and create an inflammatory response that initiates collagen induction and elastin, producing superficial micro-channels for topical gels, creams, and serums to be absorbed directly into the skin.

After a topical gel is applied, the Eclipse Micropen’s sterile tip containing the micro-needles is pressed against the skin while it simultaneously glides in one motion until the targeted area has been treated, which may include the face, hands, neck, legs, back and dĂ©colletage.

Ideal for reducing fine lines and acne scars as well as creating a more radiant and immediate glow to the skin, the speed of the reciprocating needle tip reduces discomfort and the procedure takes approximately 60 minutes.

Two-three treatments are recommended within a six-eight week interval, with the full effect lasting up to 12 months.

The CIT can be combined with a Wrinkle Reduction or Dermal Filler Treatment.

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