One of the most advanced cosmeceutical brands Sheer Rejuvenation is excited about is Rationale Skin Care’s isotropic Essential Six range.

Developed by Dr. Richard Parker, the founder of Rationale, the preservative-free Essential Six isotropic formulations not only combines  active skin-identical ingredients but also brings together the synergistic layering of each product for optimum cell-to-cell communication.

Prescribed by dermatologists for a multitude of skin conditions including rosacea, UV damage and adult acne, the Essential Six’s products which include a dynamic Vitamin B boost, Vitamin A, C and E antioxidants, ultimately removes impurities, moisturises the skin, repairs cellular DNA damage and revitalises enzyme function, with the end result restoring skin texture and radiance.

Each product kit lasts approximately three months and the results are value for money.

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