The individual anatomy is unique. As aging is an inherent process, Sheer Rejuvenation diligently goes ‘skin deep’, layer by layer.


Before you commence with any treatment, Dr Madirazza will identify and address any area of concern, discuss the process of each desired procedure, listen to your concerns and goals, highlight any potential risks and outline the realistic results you should expect, which his extensive medical training in the aesthetic field of facial rejuvenation and experience with injectable techniques will play a vital role in delivering the best results.

By the same measure, it is important to ensure that your face and hands continue to look good over time.





How do you tailor a rejuvenation program?

Cosmetic rejuvenation is about enhancing the natural beauty. As the patient’s skin composition and structure are unique, each rejuvenation program is individually tailored and presented in an ethical and professional manner.

By constructively assessing the problematic areas, you will have a better understanding of the aging process and what treatments can be used to further augment your natural beauty.

During your first consultation, your medical history and area of concern will be discussed together with any potential side-effects, complications or risks. A comprehensive rejuvenation plan will be then be tailored to meet your expectations and budget, and address your immediate and long-term goals.


Why is one treatment different from another?

Every treatment has a unique result due to a number of contributing factors that include your individual facial structure and skin composition, how the previous treatment was administered and to what extent the patient’s wrinkles and lines have reverted to their pretreatment levels.

Why is it important to opt for treatments in systematic stages?

Wrinkles and lines form in the different layers of our facial structure throughout our 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s plus. By the same analogy, wrinkle reduction treatments and dermal fillers are a constant work in progress.

Are there any risks involved?

From both an aesthetic and medical point of view, it is important to understand what risks may be involved with any desired treatment. Though rare, in most cases the side effects are temporary. The entire treatment process will be thoroughly discussed during your initial consultation.

Will the treatment require downtime?

A minor procedure that usually takes around 20-30 minutes with no downtime required, you will be able to carry on with your day. However, it is important not to immediately lie down or engage in any physical activity that may cause the migration of the treatment to affect the face. For dermal fillers, patients should avoid having hot baths up to 24 hours.

Will there be any bruising?

In most cases no. Few patients may encounter mild swelling and minor bruising. To help avoid any bleeding, aspirins, anti-inflammatory medications and high doses of St John’s Wort and vitamin E supplements should not be taken prior to or directly after treatment.

Although the treatment is localised and does not spread to any other part of the body, it is important to avoid applying pressure to the face up for to four hours after the procedure.

How often will I require ongoing treatments?faqhand

This will depend on your age and the existing condition of your skin composition. Most wrinkle reduction procedures will take effect between three – 10 days and last three-four months with the treatment reaching its peak within one month. The effects from the dermal filler may last from four-six months; some areas over a year. Both procedures will require ongoing treatments if you wish to maintain a consistently fresh appearance.

Can I combine an anti-wrinkle treatment in conjunction with dermal fillers?

Yes. The combined treatments may help improve an overall result to the face.

Can I secure a referral to a plastic surgeon?

Yes. Adding to the Sheer Rejuvenation experience is Dr. Madirazza’s long-term beauty plan, individually tailored to enhance your natural appearance and complement your busy lifestyle. For more complex treatments, Dr. Madirazza can arrange a referral to a leading cosmetic practitioner and/ or plastic surgeon specialising in the field of cosmetic artistry.