Beauty has no age; only your skin.

Before you commence with any treatment, it is important that you take control of how you look. This is the point where you’ll go ‘skin deep’ at Sheer Rejuvenation.

The cornerstone of essential skin care starts deep within the layers of the skin. Having the understanding of how the facial layers and lines each work and interact with one another will help you access the range of non-surgical treatments and new anti-ageing technologies available.

Dr Madirazza will go ‘skin deep’ with your skin (texture, tone and pigmentation) soft tissue (facial volume and contours) muscle (dynamic and static wrinkles and folds) and bone structure (support foundation). This process will also mark the beginning of your skin’s aesthetic journey.

Dynamic wrinkles are caused by the contraction of muscles (facial expression) that are connected to the overlying skin. Static wrinkles are caused by the loss of elasticity to the skin and are permanently present, even when the muscles are not contracting. Wrinkle folds are deep grooves in the face caused by the loss of volume in the underlying layers.

Sheer-Skin-Deep-ladyOnce Dr Madirazza has determined the overall texture, volume and bone structure of your face, an appropriate treatment will be recommended to help achieve a natural, revitalised look and further complement your entire skin rejuvenation process.

This may include the most advanced and innovative Laser Rejuvenation Treatments (including acne and scars on most skin types), Collagen Induction Therapies (CIT) with the Eclipse Micropen (micro-needling which stimulates the collagen and enhances the skin texture) and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapies for Capillaries (facial vessels including Rosacea – redness of the central facial skin) and Pigmentation (melasma and sun spots).

To enhance the inner and external glow, Dr Madirazza also consults on regenerative medicine including Skin Regeneration Therapy (Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and the IV Vitamin C Therapy, an integral health, anti-aging and beauty treatment that also boasts a variety of skin and health benefits.