One of the issues patients have with their facial appearance is their double chin.
Despite the belief that double chins are caused by excess weight to the face, quite often the problem is caused by genetics and advancing age.
Chin liposuction is a safe procedure that treats double chins by permanently removing localised fat deposits that diet and exercise alone cannot correct.


Performed under a local anaesthesia, a small incision is made underneath the chin and a cannula is inserted to remove the fat from the skin and muscle through a gentle suction process. The removal of the fat cells underneath the chin is also permanent. Patients may experience minor discomfort as well as light bruising, swelling and numbness up to 10-days after the procedure.
A discreet incision will also be made, however, the scar will fade over time. For maximum results, patients will be required to wear a compression bandage to support the chin over a three week period.
Patients can also be prescribed pain medication if required.
All liposuction procedures include a consultation with leading plastic surgeon, Dr. Lionel Chang or a preferred specialist who will assess and advise patients on any potential risks, downtime, varying levels of discomfort and expected results.
Sheer Rejuvenation offers a total rejuvenation package which includes chin liposuction (mild-moderate) and an anti-wrinkle treatment, priced from $1900.00. The treatment will be performed in two stages at the Burwood clinic.

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