The natural and inevitable deterioration of your skin is one of key biological factors that cannot be ignored in any beauty rejuvenation program.

Along with your face, neck and décolletage, your hands reveal the hallmarks of life. More importantly, the process of skin degeneration starts sooner than you think.

A direct symptom of aging in your 20s is a reduction in your hands’ hydration. Light exposure, chemicals, constant hand washing and general wear and tear will soon begin to show. Subtly, collagen formation and a mild drop in the protective lipids will also decrease skin repair. The aging process is now underway.

Laser 1In your 30s, the product of collagen and skin cell renewal and repair will begin to accelerate, resulting in the loss of elasticity and decreased hydration.

In your 40s, your skin will now reveal fine lines, dryness, skin dullness, blemishes and an uneven tone. The presentation of the skin is also thinner.

In your 50s, the structural components in the breakdown of collagen and elastin becomes more acute with deeper lines, veins and tendons becoming prominent. Your skin texture and tone will also show obvious signs of degeneration.

By your 60s, the firmness of the skin will further weaken and by your 70s, the cell rejuvenation cycle from the interior to the external layers is now at an end.

An affordable solution? Hand therapy is an alternative solution in your total skin rejuvenation program.

Hand rejuvenation treatments are applied to smooth out the lines ,and hydrate and plump the skin. Treatments are also available to improve skin pigmentation caused by UV solar exposure.

Sheer Rejuvenation can package a total face and hand rejuvenation program, tailored to your specific skin type, age and expected results. The treatment takes approximately one hour with minimal downtime. Two to five follow-up treatments are recommended at four week intervals.

The treatment will last up to six-12 months, depending on the area injected and the patient’s skin composition. Ongoing treatments will also be required to maintain the full, youthful effect.


Dermal fillers can be administered in conjunction with any anti-wrinkle reduction or dermal filler treatment.

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