As we age, the appearance and characteristics of our skin becomes thinner, collagen becomes depleted and blemishes become more visible.

Laser Rejuvenation Therapy is an anti-aging procedure that delivers a series of gentle pulses of light to targeted areas of the skin, a process that eliminates blemishes and reverses the effects of photo-aging through the regeneration of new cells.

Laser 1The most advanced non-invasive treatments include Fractional Laser and Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Laser therapies.

Ideal for treating specific or multiple skin concerns such as scaring, acne, capillaries (facial vessels including rosacea -redness of the central facial skin), hair removal, pigmentation (melasma and sun spots) and the tightening of facial tissue, the laser treatments not only increase the efficiency and customisation of skin resurfacing but also leaves patients with a fresher, smoother and more youthful appearance.

Fractional Lasers deliver a wavelength of light into thousands of microthermal treatment zones, targeting a fraction of the epidermal (pigment-producing cells) or dermal (collagen and elastin fibres) layers.

IPL treatments deliver multiple wavelengths of light to the targeted areas of the skin to improve skin tone and colour.


After a topical gel is applied patients may experience a mild stinging sensation as the pulses of light are delivered with higher strength wavelengths. Hundreds or thousands of laser pinpoints are then used in the targeted areas.

The treatment takes approximately one hour with minimal downtime. Two to five follow-up treatments are recommended at four week intervals.

Some treatments may produce temporary darkness then flaking, redness or swelling, with each outcome dependent on the individual condition of the skin. Each laser device also emits light in a unique way, causing different depths of skin penetration.


Fractional Lasers can be used to remove actinic keratosis, a premalignant skin condition that is frequently associated with sun exposure. If left untreated, approximately 20% of all conditions lead to the progression of squamous cell carcinomas.

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